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"To help our clients create meaningful homes and spaces that add value to daily life."


Cory Thompson, lead Designer 

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Cory, 33, has been interested in building and structure since his childhood growing up on his families 500 acre cattle farm in small town Mt. Gilead, NC.  In 2006 he earned an Architectural Technology Degree and began his career at  BMH Architects in Wilmington, NC where he gained valuable experience in both large scale commercial and residential projects.

Following work at the firm in 2013 and with his genuine interest in design and business he founded 2x4 DESIGNS in hopes of helping homeowners and construction professionals with planning, design, and construction phases of building a home. 

Today, with a diverse portfolio and 11 years experience behind him, he puts all his talents and experience to good use for his clients and enjoys the rewards of helping clients create meaningful homes and spaces that by design enhance daily life.  


Andrew Politte, project manager + Designer


Andrew spent much of his childhood living abroad in South America, the UK, and Asia. His parents being international teachers eventually landed in Charlotte, North Carolina where Andrew attended architecture school at University of North Carolina Charlotte.

After his studies in architecture he spent several years traveling the Southeast coast on a 33 foot sailboat named Bernoulli with his trusty dog Morgan as first mate. He’s crafty enough to live on a sail boat yet nimble enough to help our clients design unique spaces and enjoys all design challenges that come his way.

in the news

Thompson: Going Solo, By Design

Article from the Wilmington Business Journal, April 2015


"Among Wilmington’s community of residential designers, Cory Thompson might be called a high-tech chip off the old block.

Thompson, 30, who in January opened 2x4 DESIGNS at The Cotton Exchange, brings a blend of millennial verve and down-home sensibility to his work as he creates both trendy and traditional homes. 

Raised on a cattle farm in the Montgomery County hamlet of Mount Gilead, Thompson helped his father build sheds and fix the tractor. After high school, he worked construction jobs.

“After six months of construction labor I realized I was on the wrong side of the industry,” the boyish-looking Thompson recalled, flanked by a 3-D display screen and technical manuals in his new downtown office. “I was more interested in the professional, creative side of construction and design..." read the full article here.


client Testimonials

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Martin Pollack, Lucky Fish House

"Cory brought his enthusiasm for architecture to our project. We were looking to design a home for a property we bought two years ago waiting until we could afford building our dream home. We looked at both architects and designers and decided to give Cory a shot. We are very glad we did. He brought unique ideas and worked hard to make sure he balanced design aesthetics with the functionality of our living spaces. Cory is a hard worker and would not hesitate to recommend him."

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Amanda Tangredi, Tangredi Residence

"I can’t say enough good things about our experience with Cory. He is professional, timely, patient, knowledgeable and went above and beyond with helping us design our home. Not once did I feel bothersome with any request over an 8 month period of time. Cory became someone I felt I could go to for any suggestions, design or decor wise, because of his willingness to help and ability to visualize the end result. What I didn’t expect was how invested he would become in the finished product. He genuinely cared about every detail of our home and wouldn’t stop until it was exactly how we had envisioned it. He made a potentially stressful period of time so enjoyable and exciting. I will always recommend him to anyone who ever has an architectural need. I’m forever grateful to have been able to work with him!"

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Paige Kon, Kon Residence Rehab + Addition

"We couldn’t be happier with how our house project turned out! We bought a fixer upper and asked Cory to completely redesign the interior layout, add an addition to the house and redesign the exterior architecture. He was an excellent listener, asked to see photo examples, was very responsive with phone calls and emails and was a joy to work with. 
We experienced a unforeseen construction hiccup which required a redesign of practically everything and Cory happily made all the changes we needed in a very short period of time. He was a great communicator with our GC as well as the structural engineer. Very impressive. We would highly recommend him and hope to work with him again! Thank you Cory!"

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Mindy Perry, Perry Residence

"My husband & I hired Cory to design our dream home. After giving him our wish list & showing him a few floor plans we liked, Cory went to work. After only a week we had a design to look at. From there, we were able to keep making changes until we were satisfied with everything. And even after we thought we had made all of the changes we wanted, we would find something else. Cory was always open to our changes & made them quickly. He answered our questions & did a great job. We can’t wait to see it come to life in the next few months as we start construction!"

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Kelly Brantley, Brantley Residence

"Cory helped us with the design of our dream home and he made our dream now a reality! We had a lot of high expectations and a very clear vision of what we wanted and he was able to easily transfer that vision to a blueprint. I would highly recommend his services!"


CLIENT: How do you approach the design process?

A:  First of all, design is exciting! The possibilities in the beginning are endless which is why we like to start from scratch creating a design that uniquely fits the clients needs and building site considerations.  It's really quite simple, in the beginning all we ask is for your ideas. If you have ideas about the floor plan thats great, if not we can come up with a design based on your style preference and initial thoughts.

CLIENT: how much does it cost?

A:  If not asked first it's usually second. This is a good question. Each project varies in complexity and level of detail needed. Understanding this, we typically use a lump sum fee which includes our entire service from our initial meeting to the construction documents your builder will use to build and pull permits. (For an official quote please contact.)   In short, the fee is based on the amount of time, effort, and level of experience needed to successfully deliver for our clients.

CLIENT: Do you provide everything needed for construction and permitting?

A:  Yes, we provide construction documents your builder will use to build your home. Our documents are used to obtain building permits in your local municipality and recieve estimates from contractors. Typically, our document set will include, site plan, foundation plan, floor plans, elevations, building sections and details, roof plan, electrical plans (optional), plus any documents from the structural engineer.  

CLIENT: can you design "green"?

A:  Of course! There are many ways to approach sustainable home design from cost effective advanced framing techniques to capturing geo thermal and solar energy sources.  Solar orientation can play a role in placement of windows and especially when designing for passive solar.  For our clients who want to save on the energy bill and are not interested in the upfront investment of solar, geo or passive design we suggest investing in 2x6 exterior walls and quality insulation such as closed cell foam insulation.  Highly insulated windows and doors will save lots of energy also. 

CLIENT: Do my plans need to be structurally engineered?

A: In most cases yes.  We suggest that most our clients have their design reviewed and stamped by a professional structural engineer.  The necessity of this is dependent on the complexity of the design. A standard 1 story home most likely will not need structural engineering and can be structurally designed using tables found in local building codes. If your lot is in a coastal flood zone and your foundation is pilings you will need a structural engineer to locate pilings to properly transfer the weight loads of the house to the soil.

CLIENT: How long does it take?

A:   As a reference, a typical house design might take anywhere from 4 weeks to 3 months to complete the design. There are many factors that come into play such as the time of year, complexity of design, and flow of communication between designer and client. We suggest planning ahead to allow appropriate time to complete well thought out design and plans for your home. 

CLIENT: How do we find a builder?

A:  As an integral part of building a home, making sure our designs are executed with a reputable builder is the final key to a successful project.  We have relationships with several quality local builders we can recommend.