Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water : Field Trip by Cory Thompson

It's a bit cliche to admit that Frank Lloyd Wright might be one of your favorite architects these days. I know this.  But it's hard not to put him high on the list. The man produced so much original work. One can't deny his contributions to the architectural community and his avant-garde ideas towards connecting design to nature. 

Celebrating his 150th Birthday the Museum of Modern Art in New York City presented an exhibit called Frank Lloyd Wright at 150:Unpacking the Archive.  In September I had the opportunity to visit this exhibit along with his Fallingwater House near Pittsburgh PA.  I learned a lot....

The Fallingwater house is one of his best examples of his design philosophy 'organic architecture' which uses design to promote harmony between human habitation and the natural environment.  The way he related this house to the hill, rocks, waterfall and views is the mark of a master.  (I could go into many more amazing details but I wont for the sake of simplicity but you can learn more here: https://www.fallingwater.org/  Unfortunately there was no photography permitted inside but you can take my word for it... It was rich with custom detailing and inspiring space layouts.

The MOMA exhibit in New York City presented many of his archived drawings and blueprints. It was interesting to see how he drafted the details for his houses I especially liked seeing his drawings that were drawn to full size - actual scale.  We rarely do that these days (might have to try it soon). I also took note to a few of his working drawings and interesting notes about price and math problems being solved on paper. The penmanship and detail was amazing!

Enjoy these photos from the trip...



Fallingwater House:


MOMA Unpacking Frank Lloyd Wright Archive: