there is no greater potential for personal expression than building ones own shelter
— Dennis Wedlick



After our intial meeting or phone call, we ask that you send us few images or sketches that are inspirational to your design goals and any detailed information about room relationships and sizes. For example images of style preferences, floor plan sketches, and lot surveys. We use this information along with our unique Client Questionnaire to establish initial goals and objectives for your project.



This phase is where we begin to get the ideas on paper and into our 3D modeling software. 3D Modeling is a big part of our process. The ability to show the client in 3D is very important to us so that we know the client understands exactly what they are getting from the design. The ability to change colors and materials in the 3D model also helps with making sound decisions when it comes to your homes material selections. Schematic design is an exciting phase and when the house begins to take shape. Once client and designer are happy with the the schematic design we refine the design and move toward construction documents.



A "behind the scenes" phase. Once the client is satisfied with the design we go to work on the construction documents or CON DOCS as we call them. This is where we begin to carefully analyze your custom design and add necessary details and drawings to our documents for construction purposes.  The investment of a quality set of construction documents allows for most accurate bidding as well as saves time and money throughout the project and makes the construction process smoother for everyone.



The construction administration service or "CA"  consist of periodical site visits on the clients behalf documenting construction methods and verifying that all specs and details are being built according to the plans.  Having the designer involved during construction can ensure a smoother construction process and the contractor has direct access and office support if questions arise during the construction process.